Masa Launches LLM-Powered AI Data Subnet on Bittensor, Bringing Hundreds of Developers to the Ecosystem

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Masa Launches LLM-Powered AI Data Subnet on Bittensor, Bringing Hundreds of Developers to the Ecosystem

Brussels, Belgium, July 9, 2024, Chainwire

Masa also becomes the first lively token in the Bittensor subnet ecosystem, introducing a novel, dual-track reward structure that aims to incentivize contributors and democratize AI development.


Masa, the decentralized AI network where people get paid to contribute data, today announced the launch of the AI ​​Data Subnet on Bittensor, the protocol pioneering decentralized AI production. Masa will leverage Bittensor’s peer-to-peer Machine Intelligence network to drive aggregation, transformation, and access to AI data. Together, they power a people-powered AI Fair world where AI creators can build anything, anywhere, with the world’s data.

According to a research report by VanEck, the AI ​​sector of the cryptocurrency industry is projected to reach $10.2 billion in revenue by 2030, while centralized AI has a projected market share of $1.8 trillion by 2030. However, there is a clear need for decentralized players as the core components of AI, including computation, models, and data, should not be monopolized by centralized entities.

Bittensor Masa Subnet Value Proposition

Bittensor has amassed a $10 billion AI ecosystem since its launch in March 2023. Institutional validators like subsidiary DCG Foundry and Polychain have collectively invested $5.7 million — or $1.8 billion — in $TAO. Bittensor operates through a central network comprised of smaller, specialized subnets, each dedicated to different areas of AI. With its sophisticated TAO economic model that incentivizes the production of high-value AI subnets, Bittensor is a significant player in the DeAI space.

Masa enables people from all over the world to contribute data and computation to AI development without centralized control. Masa allows AI developers to build anything, anywhere, using the world’s data. It facilitates fair, open, and permissionless contributions of AI training data, computation, and bandwidth.

Similar to Bittensor’s incentive mechanism, Masa contributors – validators and workers – are rewarded based on the value of their contributions to the network, using a game theory framework that optimizes contributor utility in the network. This provides an competent system that leverages economic incentives to drive growth and equitable expansion of Fair AI.

The Bittensor Masa subnet provides real-time, stationary, structured, annotated, and vector data from a variety of data sources critical to AI development, such as X (Twitter), Discord, logged speech (e.g. podcasts, YouTube, TikTok), curated web data (e.g. New York Times), and public web data (e.g. Google (NASDAQ:)).

Real-time data can be used to build strong datasets or directly in system prompts for current context. Static datasets are continuously updated and stored by subnet workers for further processing into vectors to feed Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) in AI agents. These datasets are processed and annotated using agent data pipelines that exploit fine-tuned LLMs trained on JSON and other formats to deliver high-quality results from volatile inputs. AI developers exploit Masa data for a wide range of exploit cases, such as capturing trading signals and creating hyper-personalized AI companions.

The Masa and Bittensor communities can participate in the project by using low-power devices to run a Masa worker node from laptops, servers, or future mobile devices, sharing compute resources and bandwidth from anywhere in the world.

$MASA joins the Bittensor subnet ecosystem as the first and only lively token

The Masa token, $MASA, now becomes the only lively token for any subnet in the Bittensor ecosystem. Additionally, validators and workers of the Masa Protocol and Masa Bittensor Subnet can earn dual token staking rewards in $MASA and $TAO. The Masa Foundation’s TAO from supporting the subnet will be used to support $MASA via buybacks or distributions as part of the issuance schedule.

Masa was the first AI project to debut on CoinList in 2024 via a 17-minute public auction in March. Over the past 2 years, Masa has grown to over 1.6 million contributors and over 100 developers on its network, where individuals earn by contributing data. Masa’s ecosystem of contributors, developers, and validators is expected to significantly escalate Bittensor’s performance and usability.

“As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies who participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2014, Bittensor reminds me of the Ethereum ecosystem circa 2017,” said Brendan Playford, co-founder of Masa. “While still in its infancy, Bittensor has the potential to outpace Ethereum’s growth, fueled by the rapid expansion of decentralized AI. DeAI has the potential to become even bigger than . At Masa, we are integrating with the Bittensor ecosystem to exponentially accelerate the development of decentralized AI, with data serving as the new currency of fair AI.”

To date, Masa has raised $18 million with backing from DCG, Anagram, Republic Digital, Animoca, and has been incubated by Binance and Hashkey.

“The launch of the Masa subnet underscores the growing momentum in decentralized AI. We are proud to support Masa as they advance both decentralized and broader AI development, which is deeply aligned with our belief in the power of decentralized technologies.” said Evan Malanga, vice president of strategy at DCG.

To participate in the Masa Bittensor Subnet, users can visit the Masa website. For additional information, usrse can follow Masa on X.

About Mass

Masa is a decentralized AI network where people earn money by contributing data. AI creators can build anything, anywhere, using the world’s data. Users are welcome to join Masa’s mission to build fair AI, powered by people.

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