Dora Announces Close of $5.5M Early Stage Funding Round Co-Leaded by Dragonfly and Lemniscap

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Dora Announces Close of .5M Early Stage Funding Round Co-Leaded by Dragonfly and Lemniscap

New York, New York, July 9, 2024, Chainwire

Dora, the unified search engine and action engine for the multichain world, is excited to announce the successful close of a $5.5 million early-stage funding round. The round was co-led by Dragonfly Capital and Lemniscap, with participation from Robot Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, Maven11, and Arche Capital, as well as notable angel investors like Movement Labs co-founder Rushi Manche and Fluent (NASDAQ:) co-founder Dino Savonin. The funds will be used to enhance Dora’s inventive search, unified cross-chain transaction capabilities, and expand blockchain interoperability across all VMs.


Dora is the only omni-channel search engine that enables cross-channel search and transactions in a unified interface. As applications increasingly leverage online and on-chain infrastructure, unlocking search capabilities is key to understandability and accessibility. Dora’s comprehensive block explorer and search solutions empower users and developers by providing basic access to on-chain data, driving broader blockchain adoption.

Dora currently supports over 20 networks including Arbitrum, Base, Celo, Scroll, Rari, Palm and Xai.

The Dora platform provides a multi-channel block explorer for mining blockchain data for EVM chains, APIs for accessing enriched token and NFT information, well-organized data structures for basic data retrieval powered by Goldsky and Simplehash, transaction features such as swaps and mints, and a built-in wallet. These offerings provide a comprehensive solution for chains looking to encourage developer adoption and catalyze the employ of their ecosystem.

The funding follows support from key industry partners for Dora, including the largest-ever Arbitrum subDAO grant, as well as grants from Gnosis, Scroll, and the Ocelot vault for Celo.

“The golden age of web2 went hand in hand with the age of search engines. To drive widespread adoption of onchain goods and services, we need a crypto search engine” said Bunny, CEO and co-founder of Dora“This round of funding demonstrates the strong confidence of our investors in our vision: an unfragmented and unified multichain experience. By integrating interactivity at the Discoverability Layer level, we aim to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology and facilitate the evolution towards a multichain world, and soon, multiVM.”

Tom Schmidt, Partner at Dragonfly, said: “Dora’s mission to make on-chain data accessible and interactive aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of blockchain technology. By providing comprehensive search and explorer tools, Dora is unlocking new possibilities in the blockchain space. We are confident that their innovative approach will significantly contribute to the mass adoption of decentralized technologies.”

Tarun Chitra, Partner at Robot Ventures, said: “Dora is at the forefront of making blockchain data understandable and accessible to a broader audience. Their approach to integrating multiple chains into a seamless search experience is revolutionary. We believe their technology will play a key role in the broader adoption of blockchain and decentralized applications. In a future where there are as many blockchains as GPUs, Dora will be key to managing complexity for end users.”

Roderik van der Graaf, founder of Lemniscap, said: “We are pleased to co-lead this investment round for Dora as part of our ongoing commitment to championing groundbreaking technologies in the blockchain ecosystem. Dora’s unique approach to search and interactivity in the multichain world positions them as a key player in driving mass adoption, and we are very excited to be a part of their journey.”

About Dora

Dora is a unified search engine for the Multichain world. We work with multiple blockchain networks and rollup teams to provide comprehensive block explorer and search solutions. Our mission is to escalate the accessibility of onchain data through inventive search capabilities, driving understandability and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

About Lemniscap

Lemniscap is an investment firm specializing in investments in emerging crypto assets and blockchain startups. Since its founding in 2017, Lemniscap has funded numerous investments in the crypto blockchain space, based on the core belief that blockchain technology will upend established business models, leading to profound changes in the global economy. The Lemniscap team consists of talented individuals with experience in financial markets, PE/VC, technology and entrepreneurship. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

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