BofA sanguine about INR ahead of elections; He advises caution with USDINR options

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BofA’s latest analysis points to a bullish outlook for the Indian Rupee (INR) ahead of the upcoming elections. The fundamental situation appears solid, supported by improvements in the current account and noticeable debt capital flows. This optimism is reflected in long INR positions and carry trades financed by low-yielding currencies. However, market attention is currently focused on the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) stance on INR management post-elections.

Expectations suggest that the RBI’s reaction to the election results may lean towards tolerance of INR depreciation. While INR appreciation is consistent with powerful fundamentals and political stability, the RBI may be less tolerant of currency weakness if election results show a slimmer majority or fragmented government. BofA advises a cautious approach, suggesting investors buy down-and-touch options to hedge against potential election-related volatility.

Post-election volatility concerns are also on the radar, with INR volatility showing a slight augment from recent lows. While the risk reversal indicates some deviation from the upside, overall market sentiment appears relatively sanguine regarding the election results. The contributing factors to this situation are market confidence in a stable government and the intervention capabilities of the RBI against INR depreciation. However, heightened concerns remain regarding the continued accumulation of reserves by the RBI and its impact on the INR market dynamics.


While the RBI’s reserve accumulation strategy remains unchanged, questions remain about its sustainability in the face of near-all-time high foreign exchange reserves. Investors are concerned about potential asymmetries in market flows if the RBI continues to absorb capital inflows and limit INR appreciation. Despite election uncertainty, BofA suggests hedging strategies that include long-term out-of-the-money USDINR call options and short-term at-the-money or lower-strike options, anticipating a stable RBI stance on INR in the brief term, but potential easing in the face of weakening INR in the future .

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As investors navigate the complexities of election-related market dynamics and evolving RBI policy, caution remains the rule. With the specter of volatility, prudent risk management strategies and a detailed understanding of RBI’s intervention tactics are crucial to safeguard investments in the INR space.

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