Notcoin: Stake BNB and FDUSD to farm $NOT tokens

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Notcoin, a viral game based on Telegram, has successfully introduced millions of users to the world of Web3.

This uncomplicated gameplay resonated with users, reaching a peak of six million daily energetic users and a total player base of 35 million.


This article details what Notcoin is, how it works, and the electrifying opportunities it offers, including staking BNB and FDUSD to farm Notcoin tokens ($NOT).

In Notcoin, players earn in-game currency by tapping a gold coin on the Telegram app. The energy needed to touch a coin depletes and replenishes over time, making continuous gameplay without interruptions impossible. Players can invite friends to join the game, improving their experience and potentially increasing their earnings. The game features a global leaderboard, divided into tiers from Silver to Diamond, where players can see how they stack up against other players from around the world.

Improvements and improvements

To escalate their earning potential, players can apply various power-ups or upgrades. These include daily renewable bonuses such as “Full Energy” and “Turbo”, as well as enduring bonuses that can be purchased with Notcoin. These upgrades allow players to earn more coins with a single tap and escalate their energy capacity. There is also an Auto-Tap bot that collects coins on behalf of the player even if they are not actively playing.

Cosmetic improvements

Players can spend their earned Notcoins on cosmetic upgrades, changing the appearance of the game background or the coin they are tapping. These customizations add a fun and personalized element to the game.

Token NO

The excitement around Notcoin is not only about the game itself, but also about the upcoming release of the $NOT token. The NOT token will be available on The Open Network (TON), which was originally founded by Telegram. The total supply of NOT coin is 102,719,221,714, with the entire supply expected to be in circulation upon listing.

Token distribution and fairness

One of the unique aspects of Notcoin is its approach to token distribution. All $NOT tokens will be awarded to players who have earned Notcoin in the tap-to-earn game.

This method ensures fair distribution, avoiding the creation of early whales typically found in other cryptocurrency projects. While 100% post-listing circulation is planned, not all tokens will be released immediately as some tokens may remain unclaimed or blocked in allocations.

Ecosystem contribution

Notcoin encourages community participation and contributions. Players can NOT earn dollars by exploring Web3 products, playing modern games and adding value to the ecosystem. Additionally, Web3 developers can offer their products to the community through Notcoin campaigns, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

Staking BNB and FDUSD to farm $NOT

Binance announced the listing of $NOT on its platform, providing users with the ability to stake BNB and FDUSD to farm Notcoin tokens. This initiative is part of Binance’s 54th Launchpool project, allowing users to earn rewards by participating in staking pools.

Staking details

  • Agricultural period: 2024-05-13 00:00 (UTC) to 2024-05-15 23:59 (UTC)
  • Auction date: 2024-05-16 12:00 (UTC)
  • Trading pairs: NOT/BTC, NOT/USDT, NOT/BNB, NOT/FDUSD and NOT/TRY

Stake pools and prizes

  • BNB rate: 2,619,340,153 NO in prizes (85%)
  • FDUSD rate: 462 236 497 NO in prizes (15%)

Users can stake their BNB and FDUSD in separate pools to accumulate NIE tokens over a three-day period. The betting website will be available 24 hours before the Launchpool starts.

To participate in Notcoin airdrops and staking, visit Binance and stake your BNB or FDUSD. Remember to do your research and keep your funds safe and sound.

Binance megadrop

In addition to staking BNB and FDUSD to earn $NOT tokens, users can also participate in Binance’s modern Megadrop concept. Binance Megadrop aims to reward steadfast BNB players with tokens from future projects listed on the Binance Launchpool.

By staking BNB for longer periods, ideally over 120 days, users escalate their eligibility for these airdrops, gaining early access to promising modern tokens and maximizing their potential rewards.

Block duration (days) BNB rate Result
thirty 1 BNB 100
60 1 BNB 110
90 1 BNB 120
120 1 BNB 130

What is Binance Megadrop?

Binance Megadrop allows users to stake BNB for an extended period of time to escalate their chances of receiving airdrops from future projects. This groundbreaking concept aims to reward steadfast Binance users and give them early access to modern tokens.

Increase your chances with Binance Megadrop

By staking BNB, users not only earn $NOT tokens, but also escalate their chances in the Binance Megadrop. This approach allows users to benefit from both immediate rewards and the long-term potential of future drops.

Personal opinions and predictions

Given the groundbreaking nature of Notcoin and its fair distribution model, the $NOT token has significant potential. The project’s engagement strategy and immense user base provide a solid basis for future development.

Binance will be the first platform to launch the $NOT token, with trading starting on May 16, 2024. Players who have acquired Notcoin in-game will receive an airdrop of the real $NOT token, creating an electrifying bridge between the virtual and real worlds. world value.

Pre-sale coupons

Before the airdrop, Notcoin introduced an NFT voucher program, allowing players with more than 10 million Notcoin to convert their earnings into NFT vouchers. These coupons can be bought, sold or redeemed prior to the $NOT token launch, providing a speculative market for early adopters.

The future of Notcoin

With the end of the game’s mining phase on April 1, Notcoin will see a significant evolution. The game will return after the token release with modern gameplay mechanics and reduced rewards. Companies looking to gain exposure to Notcoin’s immense audience will need to purchase $NIE on the open market and apply it to activate in-game features.

Potential additions and changes

Open Builders, the creators of Notcoin, plan to improve the game with additional features, such as a trading bot that allows you to buy and sell crypto tokens via Telegram. The goal is to create a more visual and user-friendly interface compared to existing text-based trading bots.

Community and ecosystem development

Notcoin’s model emphasizes community engagement and ecosystem development. By enabling users to earn NIE through various activities and encouraging Web3 developers to engage with the community, Notcoin aims to create a spirited and sustainable ecosystem.

Opinions and forecasts

Given the groundbreaking nature of Notcoin and its fair distribution model, the $NOT token has significant potential. The project’s engagement strategy and immense user base provide a solid basis for future development.

Price predictions: :

  • ATH price list: USD 0.002 – USD 0.003
  • Market capitalization: $400 million – $500 million

As the ecosystem grows and more apply cases for $NOT emerge, the token’s value could escalate significantly.


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